It’s a question many of us ask ourselves when we reach goals, hit milestones, and look ahead to future possibilities.

Tony Robbins says that if you don’t know what’s next, you’re losing. (Or something to that effect).

Looking back, we’ve always had an answer to the question, What’s next?

Entrepreneurs On Fire at a Glance

It was June 2012 when John told me about his idea to launch Entrepreneurs On Fire. Three months later, in September 2012, he launched the podcast.

Three months after that he was acting as a mentor to other entrepreneurs who were just getting started.

Three months after that I joined the…

Podcasting is a great medium for several reasons. It allows you to share free, valuable, on-demand audio content with an audience who wants and needs it. And all the while you’re creating an intimate connection with your listeners, in addition to know, like, and trust.

And because of all of this, podcasting also gives you an opportunity to increase sales for a product or service with digital marketing.

Using a Podcast as a Marketing Tool

Creating a podcast as a marketing tool for your existing business is a great idea, and many businesses are not currently leveraging this.

It’s not only another way to grow your reach…

It’s a question on a lot of podcasters’ minds, and on the minds of pretty much everyone they tell about their idea. How do podcasts make money?

There are actually many ways that a podcast can make money, and we’ll dive deep into several of those ways right here in this post.

First, let’s make one thing clear: if you’re starting a podcast just to make money, don’t do it.

While making money from a podcast is absolutely possible, keep in mind that successful podcasts are oftentimes a full time gig. …

You’ve been working at it for months, and it’s finally time to celebrate: your podcast is LIVE! Seriously, congratulations!… anyone who has launched a podcast knows it’s no walk in the park. But here’s what most people don’t know: once you launch your podcast, the real work begins with podcast marketing.

Once you launch, it’s time to figure out how to promote your podcast to grow your reach, how to market it specifically to your target audience, and how to make it easy for listeners to tune in and fall in love with your show.

Whether you’ve been at this…

While there are many ways to grow your business, one of the best ones we know of is through podcasting.

Whether you’re promoting a product or service, looking for new customers, want a new way to grow your reach, are interested in positioning yourself as an authority figure in your niche, or you want to make sure you’re continuing to provide value to your existing customers, podcasting offers opportunities unlike any other platform or medium.

In this post we’ll review exactly how to make it happen with podcasting.

But first, let’s just focus on business growth.

How to Grow Your Business

When you think about…

The art of the podcast interview. It’s involved, takes a lot of practice, and has the potential to help make your podcast a success. But while so much of being a great interviewer has to do with the conversation, it also has to do with the podcast interview questions.

In order to get interesting and valuable answers, you must first ask great questions.

In this post we’re going to cover how to best prepare for a podcast interview, plus share 10 of the best podcast interview questions — and how to ask these questions.

Podcast Interview Questions

Let’s talk about why your questions…

There’s a lot that goes into creating and producing a podcast. Whether it’s an interview podcast, a topic podcast, a podcast you’re doing with a co host, or anything else, something to consider is what podcast segment ideas you can use to create a great episode.

Podcast Segment Ideas

While not every episode has to be the same, coming up with specific segments you’ll use for different types of content is a way to help make creating and producing your show easier, kind of like writing a podcast script.

In order to help you get set up, we’re going to first look at…

Some people thrive on routines. Others run as fast as they can when they hear the word. But having a routine doesn’t mean you have to give up spontaneity or creativity. Whether it’s a morning routine, a working routine, a relaxation routine, or any other type of daily routine, they’re important.

Throughout this post I’m going to share a number of reasons why having daily routines can help you increase productivity, stay focused, up your energy levels, help you build good habits, and so much more.

Thinking that you don’t have time to add a routine to your day? Never…

When starting a podcast, there’s a lot to consider. You have to figure out what your podcast topic is going to be, come up with a name, decide whether you’ll do an interview or topic-based show, and create a podcast logo.

Well, these things among many others.

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered on all fronts with our Complete Guide on How to Podcast!

But in this post we’re going to focus on just one aspect of your podcast: your podcast logo.

If you’re not a design expert, then you’re probably wondering where to go to get the best…

If you’re already a podcaster, someone interested in starting a podcast, a podcast listener, or you’re a business or company looking to invest in podcasting or podcast advertising, then knowing where the industry is at is important.

And while chatting with friends or a contact who is currently involved in podcasting to ask them what the deal is might be helpful, actually understanding the podcast industry from a statistics perspective can help broaden your knowledge with data-based facts.

In this post I’m going to share several powerful podcasting statistics. I’ll look back at previous years, including what podcasting 2019 looked…

Kate Erickson

Kate is the engine at Entrepreneurs On Fire, the host of the podcast Ditch Busy, & co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days.

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