5 Ways to Leverage AI for Podcasters

Kate Erickson Dumas
12 min readJul 20, 2023

AI (artificial intelligence) isn’t here to replace people (at least let’s hope not). Instead, it’s a tool we can leverage to help us do things better, faster, and more efficiently. But in order to apply AI properly, we need to know how to use it. This post will focus on how to leverage AI for podcasters specifically.

I’m no expert, and that’s why I’ve invited my good friend and affiliate partner Deirdre Tshien, co-founder of the AI tool built specifically for podcasters called Capsho, to help us navigate how to leverage AI for podcasters.

As a podcaster myself, I’m super curious to dive into the many ways we can all leverage AI to help with our podcast workflow.

But before we dive into five specific ways you can leverage AI for your podcast right now, let’s look at an overview of the impact AI can have for podcasters.

The impact of AI for podcasters

Here’s how Deirdre describes the impact of AI for podcasters.

There is no denying we are in the midst of a HUGE technological quantum leap with the rapid development of AI tools like ChatGPT — and yes — Capsho.

While very exciting, as podcasters and content creators, we are faced with the very real challenge of retaining our humanity through it all. Especially as we are creating content that helps us build authority and influence, which we monetize.

AI creates obvious efficiency gains — and they can be significant — but when used correctly, its true power is in helping entrepreneurial content be more creative and more human.

AI should not replace human creativity and expert knowledge, but should fuel it.

For example, using AI to write a whole podcast episode script undermines your creativity and expertise.

But using AI to extract your expert knowledge and personal IP from a lovingly crafted podcast episode and turn it into multiple pieces of content marketing that is fully editable? This is where we can start to meld the best of both worlds: the efficiency of AI, and the originality of humans.

Put simply, AI is not going to make your content. It likely won’t even make your content better. What it can do is make your content creation process better, which will naturally result in higher quality content from you.

This is why it is important for podcasters to embrace AI rather than living in fear of it, or worse, misunderstanding it. And using it the right way will have an outsized impact.

There you have it! “AI should not replace human creativity and expert knowledge, but should fuel it.”

So, how do you leverage AI as a podcaster in a way that helps you save time and work smarter — not harder?

Let’s start with what’s likely your biggest pain point right now: your podcast workflow.

How AI can improve your podcast workflow

The benefits of using AI for your podcast marketing and podcast workflow are multifold, but perhaps one of the most meaningful: it saves you time.

What if you could do more AND get better results all while saving time on your podcast production?

Sounds pretty amazing to me!

So I asked Deirdre to share what some actual Capsho users are experiencing.

Is the tool helping them save time with their podcast?

How Capsho can help you save time

Deirdre told me that when it comes to time savings, podcasters like Rasean Hyligar, host of Motivate Grind Succeed Podcast, are saving up to 75–90% of their time on podcast copywriting with Capsho!

“Episodes would EASILY take 3–5 hours per episode (from scripting the episode, to releasing the episode, and scheduling social media posts). I was getting burnt out and was really questioning if this was all worth it.

How were podcasters behind shows like Mindset Mentor, Born to Impact, and EOFire easily able to get these things done?

Fast forward to my workflow AFTER Capsho and let me tell you something…

Time spent per episode copy — 2–3hr down to 30 minutes or less…. 30 MINUTES OR LESS!!”

She also shared a staggering case study from another Capsho user, J.R Sparrow, host of WV Uncommon Place Podcast.

“My show has a really wide demographic, so it’s essential for me to be able to reach my audience on multiple social media platforms. Capsho has made it possible for me to promote my podcast on TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, and LinkedIn.

The results are what matter, though. One of my highest performing episodes from January is STILL getting downloads and recently hit 30,000 downloads with a 52% listener migration rate!”

Time savings and audience growth are both awesome, but what about the money?

We all know time equals money, and so I asked Deirdre if any of her users have experienced monetary growth thanks to Capsho.

She shared that by integrating Capsho into his podcasting workflow, Founder of PodPros, and host of Podcasting Made Simple, Alex Sanfilippo, saved “approximately $15,000 in one year!”

She also shared that it has also allowed Jenn Dragonette, host of Cure for Podfade Podcast and CEO of Dragonette Productions, to grow her client base.

“Using Capsho in my client podcasting workflow has helped me save enough time to be able to onboard 5 new clients!”

So yeah… AI can absolutely help you save a lot of time — and a lot of money — and what does that equal?…

That equals results.

That equals AI having the capabilities to help you focus on the reasons why you got into podcasting in the first place, like:

  • Relationship building,
  • Having great conversations,
  • Providing valuable content to your audience,
  • Growing your reach, authority, and credibility,
  • …and so much more!

Now you might be wondering what AI tools are the best for podcasters?

Great thought. And like most tools and software in the podcasting space, resources are plentiful!

What are the best AI tools for podcasters?

When it comes to choosing the right AI tools for your podcast workflow, it’s really about testing a few different ones out, and then deciding which is best for you based on your preferences.

Because the truth is, many of these tools provide similar functions (yes, some better than others); however, sometimes you might simply resonate with a platform more easily than another.

Or you might find one tool easier to navigate than another.

I personally think Capsho is one of the leading AI tools out there for many reasons, which you’ll learn more about throughout this post.

That’s why I asked Deirdre to help me with this content in the first place!

But Capsho is certainly not the only option out there.

AI Tools available to you right now

Again, there are dozens more AI tools available out there, but this is a short-list of AI tools you can leverage for your podcast right now.

Now that you know the impact of leveraging AI for your podcast workflow, and several tools that are available to you right now, let’s look at specific ways AI can help you save time.

5 Ways to Leverage AI for Podcasters

1. Brainstorm content and topic ideas for your podcast

One of the tools we mentioned above is ChatGPT. This is an amazing tool to help you brainstorm content and topics ideas for your podcast.

Imagine you’re working on batching the next 5 podcast episodes you’ll publish.

You want to make sure the topics are relevant to your listeners, but you don’t have hours to research in groups or beg your listeners to reply to your posts on social media asking them what their biggest struggles are right now.

Thanks to tools like ChatGPT, you don’t have to (although we still recommend you take the time to do this at some point. Engagement with your listeners and hearing directly from them is priceless when it comes to growing your podcast).

I’ll use myself as an example here.

On my podcast, Kate’s Take, I’m currently airing Season 9 all about podcasting. I’ve been working online in the podcasting space for over 10 years, so sure, I have loads of content and topic ideas to probably produce hundreds of episodes!

But whether those topics would be the most relevant for those searching the web for podcasting info right now is another story.

So if I were to open up ChatGPT and ask:

“What are the top 10 searches on the web related to starting a podcast right now?”

Then ChatGPT would provide the 10 searches.

I could then sort through those 10 searches and ask even more detailed questions about a topic to get even more targeted.

Before you know it, you’ve got dozens of episode titles and ideas to help you create your content!

2. Create promotional content for your podcast

Promotional content for your podcast is so important, and oftentimes overlooked.

Why do we spend hours researching, interviewing, writing, and recording — and then fail to promote the content?!


We run out of time.

With tools like Capsho, you can create your promotional assets in minutes for things like:

  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Quotes

We all know that creating your episode content is only the beginning… Once you hit publish, the real work begins!

It’s time to get the word out about your podcast, and because we know the importance of consistency, every single episode that gets published on your podcast feed should have its own promotional content.

Whether you share your episodes out via an email newsletter to your subscriber list, via a social media post on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook, or you repurpose episode content to create quotes or biggest takeaways that you can share on any social media channel, you know the time it takes to prep and schedule promotional content.

This is where a tool like Capsho comes in huge! I’ll hand it over to Deirdre so she can share how it works…

With the help of Capsho, each episode you upload will automatically get a set of promotional, engagement AND educational captions for LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram (to use interchangeably), Twitter and YouTube Shorts.

You also get promotional emails to share about your show as well as engagement emails that leverage the content of your episode to nurture your list.

And finally, you also get a set of curated quotes from the episode that you can turn into promotional assets like quote cards.

All you have to do is view the drafts created, edit them and export them when you’re ready to post and publish!

Here’s an example of a post from Jerry Dugan.

3. Generate your podcast show notes in minutes

You’ve probably gone back and forth a few times about whether show notes are worth it.

What’s the actual ROI on show notes?

Do they provide an SEO benefit?

Do your listeners actually visit your show notes pages?

Of all of your post-production tasks, show notes can easily be the most time consuming — and the toughest when it comes to figuring out what the actual ROI is.

Deirdre is back to tell us how Capsho can help you make show notes an absolute breeze!

With Capsho, all you have to do is upload your podcast episode’s audio or video file, choose your episode topic and then view the show notes drafts it creates for your episode!

There are 12 different blocks of content that Capsho generates, which you can use to build your show notes.

You get everything from quotes to time-stamped episode summaries and even curiosity hooks and resources mentioned in the episode.

4. Provide transcriptions so your website is fully accessible

Most podcasters are not currently providing transcripts on their website, and while on the surface you might assume that people don’t read transcripts, frankly, your assumption is wrong.

Having an accessible website so that your visitors who are hearing impaired can still access your content is a must.

And with the help of Capsho, transcripts are created in minutes with the simple click of a button!

Deirdre, break it down for us…

Once your episode audio or video file is processed, you can view a full transcript by time or speaker (switch between them with a simple toggle), edit it right inside the application and export it as a Google Doc or word document!

If all of this is sounding too good to be true — or too simple to actually work — then it’s time to check Capsho out for yourself!

Visit EOFire.com/capsho to try these features and more free!

But before we close out today, we’ve got yet another way podcasters can leverage AI for their podcast.

5. Get title and description recommendations for every episode

Did you know that your episode titles are the most valuable words for search and SEO across podcast players?

This is a HUGE opportunity for you to be quickly and easily found — organically — just for using the right terms and words to describe your content.

Listeners who are hungry for your content may never find it if they’re searching for terms you’re not using in your podcast episode titles.

I am NOT condoning keyword stuffing… I’m simply sharing what I’ve learned over years of trying to crack some “special code” for rankings in the different podcast apps.

Spoiler alert: there isn’t any special code.

Facts are, your episode titles are VERY important, and your episode descriptions — while they don’t carry nearly the same weight as your title — are still important to get across to your potential listener what they’ll get from tuning into your episode.

And this info comes straight from Apple Podcasts.

But how the heck are you supposed to know what your listeners are searching for?

If you’re not a copywriting expert, then chances are writing your episode titles and descriptions isn’t easy.

Deirdre, I have a feeling Capsho can help… Can you tell us how?

With Capsho, getting title and description recommendations you can use as a solid starting point for every one of your episodes, is at your fingertips!

Capsho will create 5 episode title options for you as well as 11 different blocks of content — like key takeaways, guest bio and even your social media and website links — that you can use to build your episode description.

Too good to be true?

NO! It’s actually available to you right now! Check out Capsho for free today at EOFire.com/capsho.

Is AI really a good thing when it comes to podcasting?

AI is here, and it’s here to stay.

And when we take the time to learn about how it can help us as a tool (versus looking at it as an evil replacement), we open up a whole world of opportunities.

Should you be careful with AI and learn more about it before using it?

Yes, absolutely.

But the great thing is, with tools like Capsho, you get a shortcut to leveraging the time-saving and growth-increasing benefits of AI for your podcast.

Of course, it’s always important to remember that tools like Capsho are still new, and they’re improving at a rapid rate.

I asked Deirdre about upcoming features you can expect from Capsho, and she shared that with the recent launch of Capsho 2.0, you’ll enjoy incredible features like:

  • Customizable content structures that you can save as templates for your episode descriptions, show notes, blog post, LinkedIn article and YouTube description.
  • Even more content formats, such as 3 different types of blog posts that will skyrocket your SEO.
  • Customizable “tone of voice” that ensures the marketing drafts created for you are consistent with your overall tone (even though nothing can — or should! — replace your unique voice).
  • Ability to export all marketing drafts to Google Drive so that you can collaborate easily with team members and clients.
  • Capsho’s Creative Producer AI, which will help you identify key moments from your podcast audio or video for short-form videos and longer value-add YouTube videos to make clipping and editing a breeze!

So, what are you waiting for?…

Improve your podcast workflow today with Capsho at EOFire.com/capsho.



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