The 5 Content Marketing Assets Top Podcasters Are Creating

Kate Erickson Dumas
8 min readOct 16, 2023


Content marketing has always been at the forefront of our business growth strategy, so when it comes to content marketing assets for podcasters we’ve got a lot of experience to share!

By creating consistent, valuable, and targeted content for our specific audience, we’ve been able to grow our numbers significantly over time without spending money on advertising.

Depending on your podcast and your niche, and depending on how clearly defined your avatar is, content marketing can do the same for you.

We’ve been growing our content marketing wheel for over ten years now, and so we know a lot has changed when it comes to the different platforms and software available.

What we used to create starting from scratch — and that would take hours to accomplish — can now be whipped up with the help of AI and other software tools in minutes.

So we invited our friends and affiliate partners over at Capsho, an AI software developed specifically for entrepreneurs who create long form content like podcasts, to help us put together a list of the top content marketing assets for podcasters that you can quickly and easily create using Capsho!

Two key elements for successful content marketing

When it comes to successful content marketing for podcasters, there are two key elements:

  1. Visibility
  2. Discoverability

Visibility is making sure you’re putting content out in places that your ideal audience is already spending their time.

Discoverability is making sure you’re putting content out there that is easy for people to find.

There are several ways you can accomplish this — some more involved and more difficult than others.

Today, we’re going to focus on 5 key content marketing assets that successful podcasters are leveraging to maximize both visibility and discoverability!

Top 5 Content Marketing Assets for Podcasters

I mentioned that there are several ways to accomplish visibility and discoverability as a podcaster.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to repurpose your podcast episodes that you have already poured your IP, time, energy and bandwidth into.

By repurposing the content from each of your podcast episodes and sharing it on social media, on your website, and with your podcast guests, you’re increasing the likelihood that your ideal audience can see — and discover — your podcast.

1. Short Form Clips on Social Media

Whether you’re producing an audio podcast or a video podcast, bite-sized video clips are an impactful way to create curiosity and visibility on social media.

When you create a short clip to share on social media, you want to choose the content wisely. The best moments to capture from your podcast episode are ones with a hook or some type of storytelling element that gets your viewer wanting to hear more.

This sounds pretty time-consuming, doesn’t it?

It definitely can be, but with the help of Capsho, you can identify the short form clips to share on social media within minutes using their Soundbites feature!

All you have to do is upload your episode, click on the Soundbites icon, and you’ve got a variety of identified timestamped clips to choose from that you can edit into a video to share on social media.

Capsho’s smarts will identify the moments in your episode that create most curiosity to raise awareness, encourage engagement, and get listens for your show.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to Create Social Media Clips from an Audio Only Podcast using Capsho!

Benefits of using short form clips on social media to help marketing your podcast:

  • Increases shareability and reach
  • Reaches and engages a broader audience
  • Teases potential listeners with highlights

2. LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn brings you a powerful network of professionals who are no longer just using the platform to search for jobs and other corporate-y things.

LinkedIn has increasingly become a go-to platform for highly educated, motivated individuals to search for valuable and meaningful content.

This is where you enter!

More and more podcasters are repurposing their episode content and posting it on LinkedIn as comprehensive articles. And with Capsho’s LinkedIn Article feature, you can make this happen without recreating the wheel.

I recently tested out the LinkedIn Article feature with a Kate’s Take episode on the many benefits of podcasting.

All I had do was upload my episode mp3, choose my show title from a list Capsho automatically created for me, and then click on the LinkedIn Article icon!

As you can see on the lefthand side of the screen, I still have full editorial control over the copy: I have the ability to change any text I want; add or remove entire sections; and more!

Benefits of repurposing your podcast content on LinkedIn:

  • Builds authority in your niche as a thought leader
  • Engages potential listeners, clients, and also partners
  • LinkedIn has underpriced attention and greater reach for organic content, which means greater visibility

3. Blog Posts

One of the first things I did when I joined the EOFire team is start writing content for our blog.

That was back in 2013.

Ten years on and we have a lot of great content that ranks really well in Google — organically.

Posting evergreen content on your website is a fantastic way to reach new audiences who are searching for the topics you’re writing about.

Because as much as you and I love podcasting, not everyone is going to Apple Podcasts to search for content. Chances are their go-to search engine is Google, followed by YouTube, and then maybe audio as a distant third.

When creating content for your website, make sure you do some basic keyword and SEO research. KWFinder is a great tool to help you identify what your audience is searching for.

You can also just do a simple Google Search for different keyword phrases on topics you know your audience is interested in, and then see what the top search results are.

Keep in mind that it’ll be tough to compete for top search results with the bigger, more well-established websites in your industry or niche.

Once you have a topic and a keyword phrase to focus on for your content, decide what type of blog post you’ll create.

There are 3 main types of blog posts that search engines (and readers) love:

  1. How to posts
  2. Listicles (list posts)
  3. Question & Answer posts

Capsho can help you create all 3 of these types of blog posts — plus a bonus blog post type designed to build your reputation as the expert!

Benefits of posting evergreen blog content on your website:

  • Boosts SEO value and domain authority for discoverability
  • Allows for in-depth exploration of topics where audio, video, and other visuals can be embedded in content
  • Attracts readers who are actively looking for the content you’re creating (and with a strong call to action, you can quickly turn those readers into listeners of your podcast!)

4. YouTube Segments

YouTube is quickly becoming one of the biggest and most popular search engines available.

Anyone with a specific question about how to do something, or what the best (fill-in-the-blank) is, can go to YouTube, type it in the search bar, and get an answer — in seconds!

And the great thing about podcast content is that repurposing it for a platform like YouTube is easy!

There are several ways you can do this, from posting your entire episode on YouTube (even if it’s audio-only you can post an audiogram), to posting short snippets that will drive potential listeners to your podcast on their favorite listening app.

Repurposing your podcast episode into smaller snippets that answer questions and give your potential listeners quick wins, or that hook them and leave them wanting more, are two great ways to leverage a platform like YouTube for increased visibility and discoverability.

And you guessed it! Capsho helps you create these short snippets with their YouTube Segments feature!

All you have to do is upload your episode to Capsho and it will identify:

  1. The key questions in your episode, and
  2. The timestamps for the answers to these questions!

Benefits of repurposing your podcast on YouTube:

  • Access to a broader audience who is pre-qualified because they’re searching for the specific content you’ve created
  • The opportunity to provide visual context alongside your podcast episodes (if relevant)
  • Passive monetization opportunities through YouTube’s ad platform

5. Quote Cards for your Guests

While it shouldn’t be the main reason why you go the interview podcast route, having guests on your show is an excellent way to expose yourself to a potentially brand new audience: your guest’s audience!

But in order to do this right, you have to accomplish a few things leading up to the episode going live:

  • Give your guest an excellent experience
  • Make sure the interview is unique so your guest will want to share it
  • Provide your guest with the assets necessary so that it’s easy for them to share the episode

The power of you creating assets that make your guest look great — and then encouraging your guest to share the episode with their audience once it goes live — is huge!

Imagine doubling your reach every single time an interview episode goes live…

Will that happen every time?

Definitely not, but that’s the potential.

There are a lot of assets you can provide your guest with for them to share, and one of our favorites is pulling out meaningful and impactful quotes from the interview.

People LOVE quotes, and with Capsho you’ll get a batch of curated quotes from every episode thanks to their Potent Quotables feature!

Here are a couple of quotes selected from one of my podcast episodes by Capsho:

Benefits of sharing quote cards and other sharable assets with your guests:

  • Creates a sense of significance for your guest and reminds them of the awesome experience of being on your show
  • Creates credibility and social proof for you as a host
  • Opens up the potential of you and your show being exposed to a whole new audience

The Synergy of Multiple Assets

As you can see, repurposing your podcast content, and creating multiple forms of content marketing across multiple channels, can have a big impact on your visibility and discoverability.

And as a podcaster, you have a huge advantage over anyone else: you’re already spending the time to create meaningful, targeted content for an audience who wants and needs it!

When you take your existing content and turn it into multiple assets you can share across multiple channels you’re creating an entire ecosystem (think of it as your own content marketing wheel) that supports and enhances everything around it.

This multi-prong content marketing approach maximizes the potential of you reaching a whole new audience. You’re not only making it easy for people to access on the platforms they’re already hanging out on — you’re making it easy for them to find YOU.

Now that you know the top content marketing assets for podcasters, how can you implement one or more of these into your own podcast marketing strategy?

Whether you choose to test it out on your own, or use an AI tool like Capsho to help you do it in seconds (instead of hours!), we hope you’ll start testing out the power of content marketing to help you grow your podcast starting today.



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