What exactly is project management and why is it important?

  • Have kids? You’re essentially a project management pro!
  • In charge of the shopping, cooking & cleaning? You know what’s up…
  • A responsible adult? Then project management is like your second job.

Project Management for business

Project management isn’t always that easy

An example of project management

It started with a goal

This goal required a plan of action with specific deliverables and due dates

And I knew I’d need help with completing these deliverables

Project Management is important because…

  • Being in control of your time;
  • Making progress towards your goals;
  • Feeling excited about what you’re working on; and
  • Getting quality work done that matters.
  • Wasting time on tasks that aren’t moving the needle;
  • Feeling depressed about where you’re at (or not at) in your business; and
  • Second-guessing whether you’re working on the right things.

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