What does a Podcast Producer Do? How to Become One?

Kate Erickson Dumas
5 min readSep 23, 2021


When we first started out in the podcasting space, podcast production didn’t really seem to be a thing. I mean, of course there were individuals producing their own podcast, but to think about hiring a podcast producer wasn’t on anyone’s radar back in 2012.

Today, as the podcasting space continues to grow and evolve by the minute, there are endless opportunities for podcast jobs, including podcast production, audio editing, content, and more.

So what exactly does a podcast producer do, and how do you become a podcast producer?

Let’s break it down.

What does a podcast producer do?

You can think of a podcast producer as the overall manager of a podcast, or the person who is considered the podcast director.

It is a producer’s responsibility to ensure the following are done well and on time:

  • The podcast content and storyline are created (and rights reserved)
  • The podcast audio and recording studio is setup properly
  • The audio editing is done
  • The overall experience of creating the podcast is enjoyable for the host
  • The podcast episode is published on time

Generally speaking, a podcast producer is not involved in the actual recording process as a part of the job.

While this list of responsibilities will vary depending on the available producer jobs, this is an overview of what you can expect if you plan to work on a podcast as the producer.

As for the experience level required to become a podcast producer, in my opinion, you should be very well-versed in each of these individual job responsibilities, in addition to having experience running your own podcast.

Someone who is brand new to the podcasting space need not apply until they’ve held other jobs in podcasting or have gained some type of production experience.

Of all the available jobs podcasting, the podcast producer is incredibly integral to the success of the show.

How to become a podcast producer

Podcast producer jobs are plentiful because there are a lot of podcasters out there who would love to hit record, provide incredible value, and then not have to worry about any other part of the process.

Working on production is not a small job, which is why you should be prepared when it comes to accepting this type of podcaster job.

If you feel you have the experience and are ready to dive in, here is a list of 5 ways you might find the perfect podcast producer job (in no particular order).

1. Search the major directories

Search Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any of the major podcast directories for the type of podcast you’re interested in producing.

Set aside a good amount of time for this research. Then, make a shortlist of 20 podcasts you would love to produce. Maybe you love their content, the message resonates with you, or you’re looking to become an expert in that industry.

Next, create a professional outreach email that shares your expertise, experience, why you’ve identified their podcast as a great match, and let them know you’re looking to become a podcast producer.

Don’t forget to follow up!

2. Join podcasting groups and communities

Search Facebook and LinkedIn for groups or communities where podcasters are hanging out at, or where those working in the podcasting space with audio or content are.

Choose the top 2 or 3 groups from your research and become and active and engaged member of those groups.

Provide value! Answer questions, share resources, and DO NOT promote yourself.

These groups are plentiful, and one of the main reasons podcasters join these groups is for recommended resources and support around podcast production.

If you’re a valuable member of the groups you join, then there will be plenty of opportunities to raise your hand when members ask for recommendations for podcast producers.

3. Talk about the fact that you’re interested

Sometimes our network is far more powerful than we know!

Simply talk to your network — friends, colleagues, family members, post on social media — and let them know you’re interested in working as a podcast producer.

The more you talk about it, the more likely you are to come across someone who is looking for a podcast producer themselves, or knows someone else who is.

4. Post your resume so podcasters know you’re looking

There are several platforms where you can post your resume for entrepreneurs and companies alike to be able to find you when searching to fill a specific position.

Podcast producers still have a great opportunity to show off their audio skills and background with podcasts because podcasting is still largely considered a new space.

When you create your resume, make sure it’s focused on your skills, background, and experience in the podcasting space. Be sure to include any examples of podcast production work you’ve done in the past, including managing your own podcast if applicable.

5. Search social media for opportunities

Many entrepreneurs and companies are turning to social media to post about new opportunities available.

So be on the lookout for anything having to do with audio and podcast production!

Make it a part of your morning routine once you start working to look on LinkedIn and Facebook (or whatever social media platforms you frequent) to see if any production opportunities have come up.

You might type in the search bar something like “podcast producer job”, or “podcast producer work”, or “production for podcasts”, or “audio producer”.

A new type of office: Working from home

Now more than ever your ability to do meaningful work in an area that you’re interested in — no matter where you live in the world — is incredibly high.

You don’t have to live in Los Angeles or have years of content built up to show that your background working with audio and podcasts is worthy of a new position as a podcast producer.

Plus, you can do podcasting production from the comfort of your own home!

That sounds like a win / win to me!

If you’re interested in podcasting, be sure to check out our Free Podcast Course to learn the basics of creating and launching a podcast!



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