Trip prep: Getting your work in order (Part II)

Getting Your Work in Order

3 Steps to Getting Your Work in Order

Step 1: Your work priorities and responsibilities

  • Writing and scheduling email newsletters;
  • Making sure you’re scheduling calls around your travel time;
  • Recording and scheduling your podcast episodes;
  • Creating and scheduling social media content;
  • Updating relevant website content;
  • Checking your email / providing customer support;
  • Moderating your private Facebook Group;
  • Making sure your funnels are running smoothly;
  • Letting your paid communities and groups know you’ll be traveling;
  • Setting expectations with your team and your audience (will you be available while you’re traveling?);
  • Preparing any team members who might be handling tasks for you while you’re gone;
  • Rescheduling any meetings you know you won’t be able to make it to;
  • …the list goes on.

Step 2: Schedule it out

Step 3: Be realistic

  • Be an authority in our space,
  • Provide valuable, consistent, and free content to our audience,
  • Rank on Google for certain keywords, and
  • Keep our flow of website traffic increasing month over month.

Wrap up of Trip Prep: Getting Your Work in Order



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Kate Erickson

Kate Erickson

Kate is the engine at Entrepreneurs On Fire, the host of the podcast Ditch Busy, & co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days.