The Best Way to Write a Podcast Script

But Won’t a Podcast Script Make My Podcast Sound — Scripted?

What a Podcast Script Template Looks Like

Topic-based Script Example

Interview-based Script Example

  • Their failures,
  • Their ah-ha moment, and
  • How they took that ah-ha moment and turned it into success.

Repurposing Data Based on Your Podcast Script

Q&A Script Example

  • Repeat the question in your own words
  • Share a quick 2-minute story about how this particular situation has played out on your journey
  • Then provide your answer
  • Close out the episode by sharing a big takeaway or lesson you want your listeners to retain
  • And don’t forget a call to action (CTA)!

Other Podcast Script Examples

  • Your sponsor message
  • Your closing remarks
  • You call to action
  • A teaser for a future episode

Sponsor Message

“If you’re looking for one-on-one mentorship as you begin to create and launch your podcast, I’ve got a great recommendation for you! Shoot me an email at ______ and let’s chat! No strings attached!”

Closing Remarks

Call to Action

Teaser For Future Show Content

Coming up next time, we’ll explore [topic 1] and [topic 2], and you’ll discover [something they’ve been waiting to find out / figure out throughout the show up to this point]. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss a single episode!

Should You Write a Podcast Script?



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