How to use Patreon as a podcaster [and is it a good idea?]

  1. A creator offers up special content or a perk for their followers,
  2. Their followers become a “patron” by investing on a recurring basis, and
  3. The creator uses the Patreon platform to fulfill the perk or reward.

Using Patreon as a creator

Using Patreon as a podcaster

…I don’t see a report for new patrons, or a way to mark patrons as having received their reward. Right now, I’m just comparing reports manually, which is pretty clunky.

My feelings are kind of mixed, I don’t know if I would recommend it others. The platform is workable, but it’s not great.

It’s been about 6–7 months now since I signed up for Patreon, and I’m not really happy with the platform. I’m right now asking my listeners to just use my PayPal page for donations.

I like it because I can open and close the offerings with a paywall built in. The Patrons I have are obviously dedicated, and I find great joy giving them an inside scope.

My highest level of Patronage is a discounted version of one-on-one coaching. There is only one spot, and it has been sold out for months.

Getting started on Patreon

Offer bonus podcast episodes or other content

Offer up your time

Simply ask for support

Is Patreon really worth it?

  • A WordPress Plugin that lets you lock content on your site, only making it available to those who support you on Patreon.
  • A Zapier integration between Patreon and MailChimp that will help you set up patron-only mailing lists.
  • An Automated Early Access feature that allows you to push content to your patrons before anyone else gets to see or consume it.
  • A built-in tool for running polls, which is great for getting feedback from your listeners.
  • An audio RSS feature that will allow you to generate private links you can privately share with your patrons.



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