How to make your podcast stand out

The niche podcast

How to make your podcast stand out

Step 1: Niche down

Step 2: Your first podcast episode

About me (estimated time: 2–3 minutes)

  • Introduce yourself — people build relationships with people, so tell your audience a bit about you and your background so you can start building that relationship.
  • Why did you decide to start the podcast? Share your excitement!

Value (estimated time: 3–4 minutes)

  • “What’s in it for me — the listener?”
  • Share the vision and direction of your podcast so your listeners know whether it’s for them
  • Ask for feedback! Ask your audience to engage, and let them know up front that you invite it

Frequency (estimated time: 1–2 minutes)

Updating your first podcast episode

  • Sure, why not?! You can update your first podcast episode any time! Just be sure to ‘replace’ the episode at your media host level
  • Haven’t recorded episode 000, but launched a long time ago? It’s not too late! Record your episode 000 now, and just backdate it at your media host level so it shows up as the 1st episode in your feed!

Step 3: Bring your personality into your show

  • Do I sound natural?
  • Am I actually being “me” on the mic? — the same me that would be sitting and chatting with a friend?
  • Are there phrases I overuse or filler words I can work on ditching?
  • If I were a listener, what else would I want from tuning into this podcast?

Step 4: Engage with your listeners

  • How your listeners are finding you (so you can double-down in those areas)
  • What they like most about your podcast (keep it up!)
  • What they don’t like about your podcast (constant improvement)

Creating a unique podcast

Ready to start your podcast?!



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Kate Erickson

Kate Erickson


Kate is the engine at Entrepreneurs On Fire, the host of the podcast Ditch Busy, & co-author of The Podcast Journal: Idea to Launch in 50 Days.