Best Way to Create Podcast Intros

What to include in your podcast intro script

1. Who you are: Welcome your listeners to your show

“Hi friends! I’m Kate, and I’m so excited to be on the mic to welcome you to Ditch Busy! My mission with this show is to help entrepreneurs create more time so they can achieve lifestyle freedom!”

2. Share who your podcast is for

“If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your lack of progress with your business, and wish you had more time in the day, then this show is for you!”

3. What your listeners will get out of tuning in

“In each episode you’ll learn one tip or strategy you can use today to save yourself time.”

4. Call to action

How long should my podcast intro be?

Do I need intro music for podcast?

Making your podcast intro uniquely you!

1. Consider the type of podcast you’re creating

2. Consider how your intro and outro will fit together

Should I be the one to record my podcast intro?

Things to avoid in your podcast intro

Talking too much

Not staying focused

Not being specific

What a great podcast intro can do



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