10 of the Best Podcast Interview Questions to Ask

Podcast Interview Questions

  • asking a question,
  • getting an answer, and
  • then translating that answer into something you know your audience will understand and resonate with.

“How can I make this content most valuable and relevant for my listeners?”

  • Guiding the conversation in a new direction if it has gone off topic
  • Cutting your guest off if they’re talking too much
  • Continuing the conversation based off the answer given for a deeper conversation around the topic
  • Adding or removing questions that are no longer relevant based on the current conversation that is unfolding

How do You Prepare for a Podcast Interview?

5 Steps To Prepare for an Interview

1. Guest and Topic Research

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • How they can add value to your audience
  • What they’re currently working / focused on

2. Scheduler and Intake Form

  • your guest’s bio,
  • a fun fact about their childhood,
  • 5 bullet points that they can talk about during the interview, and
  • an image for you to use for social media and your show notes…

3. Questions to ask

4. Interview pre-chat

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  • Hi [insert guest name], how are you doing today?
  • Your audio sounds awesome, how am I coming in? (confirm this is true)
  • So, let me tell you a little about the audience you will be talking to before we hit the record button. [Insert your show name] listeners are [explain the members of your audience for your guest so they understand who they are talking to].
  • The interview should take about [number of minutes] from start to finish… is that ok?
  • Can you confirm your name pronunciation?
  • Notification sounds (remind them to turn their notification sounds off)
  • Do you have your success quote ready? — Share it with me, please! (of course, this might be something different — doesn’t have to be a success quote… whatever you’re prepping your guest for, write it down so you can reference it during the interview at the appropriate time)
  • Well those are all the questions I have, but I would love to answer any YOU have before we start
  • Ok, let me sync up our audio, and then we’ll start!

5. Test and hit record

What Questions Should I Ask When Interviewing Someone?

1. Icebreaker

2. “In your own words”

3. What Keeps You up at Night?

4. Top Strategy

5. Your Fork in the Road

6. Worst Moment

7. Lesson Learned

8. Favorite Quote

9. Number 1 Takeaway

10. Contact & Call To Action

How Do You Ask A Question on a Podcast?

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • How can I improve the next time I’m on the microphone?
  1. Be genuinely curious.
  2. Stay away from “yes” or “no” questions.
  3. Highlight their expertise and focus on topics you know they’re good at.

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